Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It Begins.......

Okay so.... I have decided to blog. It seems to be a fun thing to do and addicting for some so I felt I should add this to my technological involvement even though I do not have clue what I am doing or what I might even write about that will really interest you people out there. So, I asked my sister and my friend Sally how do you start this thing. They both explained that it was pretty easy and that the website will just guide you through the steps and well... about 24 hours later (maybe I should not be telling you this) but seriously 24 hours later I am finally starting my first post.
When I told a few friends that I was going to start a blog, they asked me, "What are you going to blog about?" So not realizing that I should have something specific in mind for my blog, I just answered, "A bunch of things!" So be looking for those "A bunch of things!" very soon! I hope to cover anything from crafting, music, style, decorating, good recipes, funny things that happen to things that are happening in our lives (that may not be all that great or interesting, but we will try to keep it compelling and bringing you back for more!) I look forward to sharing with you and hearing the things that you guys have to say as well! So.... happy reading!