Thursday, February 24, 2011

A glimmer of light!!!

Okay, so maybe I am being a little dramatic by giving this post the title a glimmer of light but really in the past few days Zach and I have been given a little "light at the end of the tunnel" about our house that reaffirms the fact that we will not be living in a small room in my sisters house forever... so I guess my power of positive thinking is working...I will keep that up. But really we have seen a great deal of progress in just a short period of time... and yes I know there will be more slow times to come but...I am going to keep hoping for pretty weather and a good attitude by all involved! Here are a few pictures of the progress!

Okay so we felt as if we stayed at this point forever..ya know just the sold sign and the land...but really we were at this point for probably about a month and then the broke ground (which I don't have a picture of) but then we were at that point in the process for a while because of all the "winter weather" we had but then they moved on to the next picture.

They began our foundation probably on Monday of February 21st. This part of the process moved more quickly than expected! Also, when we looked at the slab we were like whoa! our house is really small, our builder quickly informed us that seeing the slab normally always makes you loose perspective and proportion...he was right because the next few pictures after the foundation pictures happened and it helped us gain our perspective back!

This is a picture of where our little front porch will be! We are really excited about it!

Just a side view.

Then to my surprise one day on the way to work they were framing it up!  This was on Wednesday

Still on Wednesday, Feb. 23rd

And more framing Thursday Feb. 24th. The bottom floor is almost completed.

Another view with the garage in sight.

Side view to see the whole thing!     

So needless to say we are pretty pumped! And because of all this recent activity I have had several projects that I have been working on for the inside of the house. But the biggest project we have been working on is about the outside of the house and it is the EXTERIOR PAINT COLOR! We think we have chosen the color and this will be in future posts! Hope your week has been eventful and that you have enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather! Keep hoping for it because Zach and I really are!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Been a While

I know that it has been a little while, like 2 months almost since my last post but I am "back in the game!" (Anyone know what movie that is from??) So things have been going pretty good for Zach and I and I really have a good bit to blog about! We are still busting at the seams in my oldest sisters house but they have started on our house and hopefully we will be in there before we know it! I am trying to stay optimistic about the whole building process because pretty much all I have heard is the negative things from others especially about the time that it takes to build a house. But like I said I am taking a chance on the power or positive thinking! But be sure to stay tuned because there will be pictures that will be coming up to keep you updated about where we are with the building process. 
But I will first start by sharing about my trip to Arizona to see Stan the baby man! My middle sister had a sweet baby boy a few weeks ago so my oldest sister and I decided to road trip it to Arizona. Yep that's right the whole 22 hours there and the whole 22 hours back but I must say it was all worth it because we got to see the babe and my sweet sister! When we finally arrived we came in and we all hugged and cried because we were so excited to be there and we got to see Stan and how perfect and sweet he is in person! Anna, my middle sister, is doing great and is showing to be a phenomenal Mama! She and Stan have adapted to this new life very well! We had so much fun visiting them and cannot wait to see them again very soon! There are so many things that I could tell you about our visit and all the places we got to visit and things we got to do but I will just let you look at the pictures and ooohhh and awwww at the cuteness of my awesome nephew! Enjoy! 

Stan's Door Hanger Mandy and I made him for the hospital!

One of our many amazing views on the way to AZ!

First time out! And in his sweet little hat the Aunt Mandy made him that was a little tight!

Chillin' with his daddy

Winkin' at me! He loved his Aunt Aimee immediately!

Going a little cross eyed!

Our parents were out there for the week before us. We actually met them in El Paso, TX for coffee. But when Mandy and I got to Arizona these were in our room from our Mama and Daddy because we were out there on Valentines Day! Best parents ever!

Another one of the crazy views we had! These tall mountains were seriously nothing but huge rocks and boulders stacked super high!

Me and Stan just snuggling. Once again he loves me!
 Hope you enjoyed the pics as a proud aunt there will be more to come!