Wednesday, March 16, 2011

House Up to Date

Okay, so I know that I said I was going to try to be good about updating the blog especially with the house progress but I have not been as good as I had originally intended. My bad :). Just to let you know where we are currently in the process I will show you with pictures!

Well, since the last post we now have walls and they put up the vapor barrier. Also, you can clearly see where windows and doors will be as well!

This is the back of the house.

And the garage side of the house.     

That was the progress as of March 2nd. And now for more recent photo updates: 

Closer view of the front of the house. What you are really looking at is our little front porch! A part of the house that I am very excited about! We hope to find some rocking chairs or bench to sit and enjoy our morning cups of coffee!

Yep! You know what this means....electricity has been run through the house!

And AC too!

This is our roof with shingles!

The next few are just a few shots that I took in the little park looking at our house.

All these pictures were taken on May 11th

Well, that's all I have for now but there will be more to come I assure you! Also, as far as we know we are still on track for our closing date that is May 31st. We are going to continue with our positive thinking skills and lots of prayer and hope that our closing date remains the same if not earlier! As I mentioned in an earlier post I have several projects that I have been working on and I will show you the progress of those. I am most excited about before and after pictures with the house without furniture and decorations and the with them. 

Hope you enjoy!

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